Urban Development Partners3812 SE Division

3810 SE Division

3810 SE Division
Portland, Oregon

3810 SE Division is UDP’s first ground-up construction project in Portland: a four-story, mixed-use building along a thriving, transit-oriented retail corridor. 3810 SE Division earned LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

One challenge we faced with this lot was deciding what to do with the beautiful old Portland four-square house that faced US Green Building Council LEED PlatinumDivision Street. Rather than demolish this house to make room for our new development, we relocated it to face 38th Avenue. Not only did we have the privilege of preserving a significant neighborhood structure, but the house also provides a balanced transition from the inner residential neighborhood on 38th Avenue to the commercial thoroughfare on Division. We moved the house in June 2010, began construction in July 2010, completed the project on schedule in July 2011, and had the apartments fully leased almost immediately thereafter.

Peggi Jacobi of New Horizons Hair Design had been a retail tenant in "the house" since 1979. We subsidized her temporary location during our construction process and moved her back into 3810 Division once construction was complete. In addition to New Horizons, our building is now home to Little Big Burger (natural meats with local cheeses and organic veggies), Shigezo (cutting-edge Japanese pub food), and two private doctor's offices.

Our artfully designed building is stunning inside and out and has been very well received in the neighborhood.  It has one level of ground-floor retail and three levels of residential apartments above (24 apartments total—a mix of studios, one-bedrooms, and two-bedrooms). We split the residential block in the middle with a sky-bridge corridor to give the building and the block a more spacious, less imposing look. At street level, we have a flow-through courtyard that allows pedestrian movement to the back of the property. Retail sales and services that are not walk-up oriented occupy tranquil south-facing spaces that look onto a community garden. With LEED Platinum-certified apartments and a permeable-surface courtyard with vegetated planters and other fixtures to manage storm water, 3810 SE Division has raised the bar for green building practices in Portland.

Leasing information:

For inquiries about residential leasing, please contact our leasing team:
Phone: 503.406.2686
Email: leasing@LiveUDP.com
Website: www.LiveUDP.com

For inquires about retail leasing, please contact Neeley Wells:
Email: neeley@udplp.com

  • Architect: Stack Architecture
  • Builder: Lorentz Bruun
  • Landscape Architect: Terrafluxus
  • Photo Credits: Sally Painter